ATI Nursing Review- Full Report


  • Value - 6/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Duration - 4/10
  • Content Quality - 5.5/10


ATI is a known name among nursing students. it claims to have unique 1-on-1 review method in addition to a large content library. However, there are mixed reviews on ATI's NCLEX course practicality and effectiveness, and students often feel they have overpaid.



ATI Review

ATI is a company that provides nursing education throughout the spectrum of nursing school – pre-program, during nursing school, and post-program. One of their biggest sellers is their NCLEX Prep program.

The ATI NCLEX Prep classes are offered as a live program, which is 3-4 days in duration, or as an online program. The online program is led by a “coach”; the discussion with the coach is conducted entirely via instant messaging or email.

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Review Options:

Virtual ATI NCLEX Review

The virtual program is up to 12 weeks led by a “coach”. Upon enrollment, a coach is assigned. A coach is an ATI instructor who will work with a student on a one-to-one basis. The student then will take a diagnostic test to assess their knowledge and level of nursing competency. Then, a study plan will be built based on the initial test reports by the coach. The student can correspond with the coach via email or instant message – however, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response from the instructor.



  • 6-12 week online NCLEX review program
  • One-to-one style program with an instructor who will build study plans and plan assignments based on strengths and weaknesses reported by diagnostic test.
  • Easy electronic communication via email or instant message (although response time may be up to 24 hours)
  • Access to ATI’s content library for 30 days.


Costs of Virtual Programs:

  • Existing ATI Customers
    • RN – Existing User – $315
    • PN – Existing User – $260
  • New ATI Customers
    • RN – New User -$474
    • PN – New User – $449


ATI Live Class Review

The live review is held in classroom and is taught by a master’s degree holding nurse educator. The live review is offered in six states, and are held over a period of 3-4 days. The program includes set of 10 ATI review books. Upon completion of the live review, the student would receive practice assessments and access to the content library 30 days.


Cost of Live ATI NCLEX Review:

  • NCLEX-RN: $350-399, depending on city and state
  • NCLEX-PN: $250 and up


ATI’s content library

ATI’s content material includes a comprehensive video library and a set of 8-10 books. Many see ATI’s material as a good reference material, or supplemental review source


Pros & cons


  • Comprehensive study books as a reference material to review.
  • NCLEX style questions exams with rationales reports
  • Exam reports breakdown determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Access via computer and mobile devices


  • Large material database that seems long, dry and boring.
  • Some students report inconsistency between content and segments, as well as misleading information at times
  • Some students feel, as there is no close guidance and support by the “coach“, and do not find them very helpful.
  • Pricey if you are new ATI user
  • Limited locations for LIVE class review


Who Should Consider the ATI NCLEX Prep?

  • If your school already signed up with ATI, then the cost of the program may have been included in your tuition
  • Students who need comprehensive review material
  • Students who feel comfortable studying on their own pace.
  • Students who study well with recorded materials


Return policy:

ATI currently does not offer refund. If a student failed the NCLEX, they may contact the ATI administration for possible review retake.



Many doubt the practicality of the “virtual coach”, one-on-one style. Some students find the methods helpful, whereas others do not.

Many of the students who use ATI’s review do it simply because they already paid for it when registering for their nursing program. It makes sense to use ATI if you already signed up for it via your school or if you really think you can benefit “one-on-one” program style.

However, there are mixed reviews on ATI’s video database – some find it overwhelming and say that it is not optimized, dull and even boring. There are also reports on ATI’s content inaccuracy.


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