How to plan an effective review for your NCLEX

Having a study plan crucial for one’s success in the NCLEX.  It keeps the student on track and organized, eliminates confusion and distractions, and reduces stress and panic.

But most students do not have an organized study plan, as result, their productiveness and performance suffers

This article will guide you how to create and effective study plan to follow when you are studying for your NCLEX.


1. Plan your time

a. Determine how long you have left to study until the exam

b. Determine how many hours per day can you devote to studying. (i.e 2hrs in morning and 2 hrs at night, or 4 hours after work, etc)


2. Choose topics to study.

Choose and plan the topics you are going to review.


It is recommended to review all subjects & topics and to  NOT exclude any from your study plan.

Often students will concentrate on Med-Surg, and forget about psych or OB. But they part of the NCLEX nevertheless

It is also important to cover the entire topic.

When you study your topic, (i.e Cardio) it is important to study everything it includes: Starting from anatomy & physiology to diseases & conditions and diagnostics & procedures.

Remember: You don’t know what don’t know!


3. Practice questions & review rationales

It is highly recommended to include practice questions in your review time. Practicing questions is most definitely a major factor for NCLEX success.

You must not forget to then review the rationales. 

Whether you got it right or wrong, understanding why is a crucial part of your nursing knowledge.


2000 questions the “magic” number most educations agree that is sufficient to prepare you for the NCLEX.

However, some may require more than 2000 questions, but remember practice makes perfect!


4. Plan of action

Once you know how much time you can devote to studying, you can start writing your plan of action.

a. Break your time to small time windows of 30-60 minutes

b. Break down your studying content into small and achievable objectives (i.e Med-Surg will be divided to cardio, pulmonology, neurology, renal, etc)

c. Dedicate time to do practice questions & review rationales ( i.e 100 questions day)

These are the 4 steps we have used to create the NclexAdvice Study Guide.


Using our guide, you can complete 2000 NCLEX style question and review the entire nursing-core science in 2.5 weeks, or as little as 1-2 hrs day.


Good luck!


Ari KalendarovComment