Kaplan review


What caplan Kaplan offer?

  • Large NCLEX-style question bank.

  • Large video & resource library.

  • 3 Review options- live class, live webinar and online (recorded) review

  • Full refund available (if eligible).


In short:

Kaplan, Inc. NCLEX review course among many other services. the Kaplan's NCLEX review course is known for its decision tree and question bank (Qbank). Kaplan claims it came up with a practical method to answer style questions called The Decision Tree - a 5-step framework used to answer NCLEX-style questions.

Kaplan's review consist of videos that break down and answer questions using the decision tree. Although there is a large library of videos & study materials, it is used for self-study, and not part of the review time.

Kaplan's strongest feature is the large Qbank. many people choose Kaplan's review so they can practice nuclei style questions. However, few people know it is available for a monthly price as little as 20$/month.

Although some might find the decision tree helpful, many students report it to be impractical since it cannot answer effectively all questions, and especially impractical if you lack the knowledge. And despite their large accessible inventory of study resources, many find it the content videos long & boring.

For the price of $500, the impractical decision tree, a library of 300+ dull videos, and many disappointed students. Kaplan's NCLEX review seems quite pricey.

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