ATI review


What can ATI offer?

  • NCLEX style questions

  • In-depth test analysis & reports

  • Cheaper if you are an existing customer

  • ATI’s Virtual coach review

  • 3 flexible review options.

  • Access to ATI’s content library.


In Short:

Like Kaplan, ATI's is a big company that offers many products for both nursing schools & students.

ATI's NCLEX review is offered both online & live class. The live class review is a 3-4 day long, and consist of a content overview and practicing questions. And the online review (a.k.a virtual review) is 6-12 weeks online review with an instructor, who will build a study plan based on your initial assessment test scores.

ATI offers a large content library with videos & Qbank, as well as practice tests with reports, to track student's progress.

It makes sense to use ATI if you already signed up for it via your school or if "one-on-one" type of class appeals to you. However, many find ATI's video database overwhelming not optimized. there are some reports of inconsistency between content, and even misleading information.

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Review options

BoardVitals Qbank

Access to more than 3,000 NCLEX-RN questions with rationals & customized quizzes

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Virtual-ATI + BoardVitals Qbank

Virtual ati courses assigns you a private coach who will consult you 1-on-1 how to review for the NCLEX.

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Virtual-ATI international review + Boardvitals Qbank

Comprehensive review with ATI’s virtual coach review, boardvitals Qbank & access to content library

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