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Our nurses reviewed 3 NCLEX classes

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  • Easy-to-understand & organized

  • online & in-class options

  • Flexible hours & locations

  • Free TRIAL

  • excellent support

  • money back GUARANTEEd.

Many nursing students are praising Hurst for its method of Simplifying long & intense nursing science into a short, easy-to-understand review. This review course will NOT merely repeat what you learned in nursing classes- It will break down, simplify nursing science and will drill it so well, you’ll feel much confident when taking the NCLEX exam.

With high 98.5% passing rates, positive praises from nurses & students and a practical course at a reasonable price, Hurst looks like the smartest choice.

You can try Hurst for free with their Free Trial.
  • 3 Review options- live class, live webinar and online (recorded) review

  • Full refund available (if eligible).

  • Large NCLEX-style question bank.

  • Large video & resource library.

Kaplan features its Decision-Tree method & Q-bank. Kaplan’s “Decision Tree” is a 5-step framework method to answer NCLEX-style questions. The entire review consists of analyzing and answering questions using The Decision Tree. Though it may look helpful at first glance, many students report it to be impractical for its inability to answer all questions effectively, especially if lack the knowledge. Also, using the decision tree may slow you down during exams.

There is an additional library of videos & study materials available for self-study, however, many find the content videos long & tedious.

Perhaps Kaplan’s strongest feature is their large Qbank, which is also available for a monthly price as little as 20$/month, or try it for free with their Free Trial Qbank

For the price of $500, the impractical decision tree, a library of 300+ videos, and voices of disappointed students. Kaplan’s NCLEX review seems quite pricey.
  • NCLEX style questions

  • In-depth test analysis & reports

  • Cheaper if you are an existing customer

  • ATI’s Virtual coach review

  • 3 flexible review options.

  • Access to ATI’s content library.

ATI is available as “Live-class” or ” Virtual Review” The “Virtual review” is 6-12 weeks online review with an instructor that will build a study plan based on your initial assessment test scores and your progress. However, it’s worth to mention that there are mixed reviews regarding the Virtual Review effectiveness. ATI also offers a large content library with videos & Qbank with reports to track progress. But many find ATI’s video database overwhelming and not optimized. There are even reports of inconsistency between content, and even misleading information. It makes sense to use ATI if you already signed up for it via your school or if “one-on-one” type of class appeals to you.